How To Make A Liquor Cabinet With Lock

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Simple Liquor Cabinet With Lock

Liquor cabinet with lock for home bar is a useful accessory if you like entertaining. It provides space for liquor and glasses, saving cabinet space. It also creates a new atmosphere of unknown and is more fun because your guests feel like they’re in a bar being at home. The best part is that a mini bar should not be huge to be useful. A simple mini bar is a project that even someone with limited experience in working with wood can make.

Measure and cut with the table saw wood two sections of 4 by 2 feet (1.21 m by 60.5 cm). Measure and cut with the table saw sections 4 feet 3 inches (7.5 cm) by 1.21 m) of wood. Measure and cut with the liquor cabinet with lock saw wood sections 2 by 3 feet (60.5 by 91.5 cm).

Pierces a row of guide holes along the top edge of the 4 foot sections. The holes should be ¼ inch (0.68 cm) from the edge and spaced evenly along the table.

Another row of drilled holes along the bottom edge, a 3 ½ inch (8.9 cm) edge. Separate holes uniformly. Make two three holes more than 2 feet (60 cm) from the top, spaced evenly in a straight line liquor cabinet with lock.

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