How To Make A Chest Coffee Table

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Chest Coffee Table Designs

Chest coffee table will look nice but rustic, that you can make yourself at home in which it can be easy by following the instruction as I will mention here. Chest coffee table has the focal point of giving shrouded stockpiling in the parlor, and also being a fascinating peculiarity of the room.


1. Structure the 20- and 40-inch sheets into a rectangular box. The closures of the 20-inch boards ought to adjoin the sides of the 40-inch chunks, structuring the corners of the chest.

2. Drive five deck screws, equitably dispersed, through each of the stuck joints of the chest, from the sides of the 40-inch boards into the adjoining closures of the 20-inch ones.

3 . Place the 1/2-inch-thick 22-by-40 board on top of the crate. All the sides of the board ought to be flush with the sides of the case. Drive a completing nail through the board into the  sides each five inches around the edge.

4. Varnish the chest right now, including the 1-inch-thick 22-by-40-inch board, which will be the cover of the chest. Leave to dry.

5. Position the two metal pivots around 5 inches in from either end of the cover of the chest. Fasten the pivots place with the 3/4-inch screws.

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6. Position the metal corners over the corners of the case. Position the metal handles fixated on the 20-inch sides of the chest, around 3 inches underneath the top. Fasten spot to complete the chest coffee table.

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