How To Make A Broom Closet In The Kitchen

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Pretty Broom Closet

You should organize your broom and other cleaning tool effectively with good broom closet where you can nicely decor your broom in the proper storage. Broom closet in the kitchen is a convenient way to store cleaning supplies and other items you do not want your guests to see instead. The broom closet need not be very big, but lets you keep cleaning supplies away from food and dishes.


  1. Determines the location of the broom closet in the kitchen easier in a corner of the room. If you choose a narrow closet can choose a closet door instead of a traditional door.
  2. Build the frame of your cabinet wall using 2 x 4 rods will construct a framework for the side wall and the frame for the front of the cabinet.
  3. Nails frame on the floor and ceiling joists and wall studs, which wish to install.
  4. Hang the panel on the inside and the outside of the enclosure using screws. Caulks the seams of drywall and screw holes. Wait for the putty to dry, lightly sand the putty, and then paint the walls.
  5. Install shelving system. Leave enough space to store the broom closet and other cleaning vertical space.
  6. Place under the closet door in the hole that frames the door in the wall and nail it in place. Hang the door hinges aligning the door and the door frame and screw the hinge screws in place.
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