How To Install Shower Door Hardware Sterling

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Rustic Shower Door Hardware Design

Install  shower door hardware Sterling, Not only the door to keep the water running in his apartment, but Sterling offers frame less shower doors frame construction textured glass and pattern options. Sterling showers have the system “Quick Install” bracket that allows you to install your shower door in four steps.

Place shower door hardware Sterling vertical frames on each side of the opening of a shower with a shower head lower set between frames. Tighten the expansion mechanism in the shower head down with an Allen wrench. Place top shower head above the frames of the vertical wall and tighten the compression mechanism at one end with an Allen wrench. Slide header caps at both ends.

Position both door panels of the shower door hardware Sterling in the shower head with reinstalled upper rollers. Secure the central guide on the bottom track to cover the compression mechanism in shape. Attach the towel into the holes in the shower door hardware Sterling. Adjust rollers to ensure that the door slides smoothly on the track. Apply a bead of silicone caulk around the frame of the shower to prevent water from escaping.

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