How To Install A Pool Deck Pavers On A Concrete Cover Existing

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Many pool deck pavers are made of concrete because it is durable and does not rot like wood decks, which really is a bonus. However, these surfaces are flat, unattractive and can be improved by placing a paving over it. The cobblestones, in particular, are very durable and can also bring some color and style to the outdoor area. Lava concrete surface with your pressure washer to remove all residues. Decide the pattern of cobblestones. Measures the pool deck pavers’ area and locate the center point of the surface. Draw a chalk line to the center on one side of the pool.

Mix a little mortar. Follow the instructions to the mixture to make sure you have the correct consistency. Paint the surface of the cover concrete pool with paint. The liquid cement is introduced into the pores of the old concrete and fixed. It will also give the mortar beneath the cool tiles something to adhere to. Applies only in the area where you are ready to install the pool deck pavers. Cut the tiles when you needed and to fit around corners at the ends of the rows. Measure and mark the tile to cut it.

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