How To Decoration Custom Built Bars

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Image Custom Built Bars Ideas

Hello everyone! Today we bring a very nice post, therefore the pictures as the reason for the celebration. This was the custom built bars to prepare for Communion Cristina, daughter of some friends whom we love very much. The decor is inspired by the favorite color of Cries and lilac detail of her beautiful dress.

For something to have harmony you need to organize, that first. Need an idea, a theme or just a base color. Once you have decided the central color of your decor adds a custom built bars that enrich and balance. Remember to use colors like white, gray and sand neutralize your composition and bright colors make it stand out and take that role you wanted.

Once you have and your color palette in mind, get organized tasks: How many guests are going to have? How many are children? Remember that the size of the table to be used is proportional to the amount of sweets or cakes you need. Think you need space to put the props (decorative items) that make a simple custom built bars, almost immaculate, lovely space that can also be used to take some nice pictures.



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