How To Decorate Picnic Bench

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Folding Picnic Table Bench

Picnic bench should you have especially if you love spending free time with lovely family in the garden or in other outdoor space area. A garden wedding ceremony may be a casual, but provide the guests comfortable seating is always important. These simple cases do not require sewing and are easily removed when the ceremony finished, your banks to return to its original use. Your guests will appreciate the extra comfort.

Measure the length and width of the picnic bench. Cut the foam padded in these dimensions using a sharp knife. Cut the fabric in the same size of the bank, adding 3 inches (7.5 cm) on all sides. Supports the fabric on a flat surface with the hidden side up.

Turn the bench. Place it above the foam, making sure both are centered with respect to the fabric. Wrap the fabric to the underside of the bench on the edges. Hold it in place while you put staples under the picnic bench. Start in the center and working toward both ends. Pull the opposite edge of the fabric under the bench while the second side engrapas. Fold the ends of fabric under, tucking the corners as if it were a package. Staple the corners in place and turn the bank. Cut four pieces of ribbon 36 inches (90 cm) each. Tie the ribbons in the form of ribbons.

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