How To Decorate Decorative Cinder Blocks Wall

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The Modern Decorative Cinder Block

Bedroom decor rooms, apartments and basements with decorative cinder blocks for interior walls can seem daunting. With its rough texture and mortar seams to deal, you may think there is no hope and feel that you are stuck with a room that looks like a jail cell. However, if you want a simple or something modern and extravagant look, there are a variety of paints, wall coverings and accessories available, making it possible to decorate your walls and end with a space you’ll enjoy.

Clean the wall with a mild detergent to remove dirt and loose particles. Remove oil-based stains with disodium phosphate. If the existing paint is peeling or chipped, remove a paint scraper. I paint with wall primer, followed by the paint color of your choice. Add a decorative cinder blocks border or a mural on the walls, painting a design using a stencil pattern.

Cover the decorative cinder blocks walls coated paper with high resistance to create a smooth surface. Hang the wallpaper of your choice. Hang pictures and wall art by adhesive wall hooks. If hanging posters, use double-sided tape. Show a favorite quilt hanging on a curtain rod. Place the curtain rod by drilling holes in the wall anchors and secure with metal casing and cement screws.

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