How To Create Wine Rack Table

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Great Wine Rack Table

A nice tip is to create your own furniture and objects, leaving all with a highly personal and creative touch. How about creating your own wine rack table and leave the house even more beautiful and practical?

How to create wine rack table: first saw off the top of the largest side of the box, leaving small holes where the nozzles of the bottles of wine will be seated. Start your sanding wooden crates, and then use the wide brush to pass a white PVA coat of paint which gives the basis for colored paint.

When the PVA paint is dry, use a small brush to paint the box with the color you want. The water-based enamel gives a quality tone wood, leaving it in perfect condition.

Finally, to create wine rack table, connect a box to another with stick a double-sided tape along the entire length of the side of the crates and crush the other on top. It is important that the tape is very strong and quality to keep them united.

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