How To Cover A Vanity Table With Mirror

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French Vanity Table With Mirror

Think about the best vanity table with mirror that will be very good in your own bathroom, for personal care and also seriously good to add nicer decor. You can place it on a tabletop covered with a cloth first table and then put the mirror on top, so that a completely different and new vanity table with mirror.


  1. Sand the surface of the table to remove any excess finish and prepares the surface to accept adhesive.
  2. Ask a template from the table to make sure you’ll have and cut the number and the appropriate size of the mirror. Use plain paper or graph paper to make templates correct size. Use these templates to mark the mirror before cutting.
  3. Use a straight edge metal to ensure straight cuts.  Cut the pieces of the template agreement.  Sand the edges of the vanity table with mirror to remove any sharp edges.
  4. Using a glass cutter, which resembles a utility knife, marking the glass surface by passing the cutter over the surface several times? Use a straight edge metal to ensure straight cuts. Cut the pieces of the agreement template. Use scissors to break the mirror glass pieces.
  5. Arrange the pieces of the vanity table with mirror to make sure you have enough and cut to fit. Begin to adhere the pieces to the table according to the manufacturer’s instructions putty you’ve selected.
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