How To Build Modern Console Table

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Walnut Modern Console Table

Modern console table will be the interesting part you should have in your dining room or living room, which easily you can build by yourself also you can save some of big cost. The tables console are essential complementary pieces of furniture that enhance the aesthetic appearance in a modern living room. Also, build a modern console table e on your own can save you money compared to what would be paid in a furniture store.


Use a pencil to draw small marks on corners at 3.8 cm from the long side. The marks must be made at 6.5 cm and 9.5 cm from this point as well. Drill pilot holes in all these points.

Lift the top of the table so that the pilot holes are facing up and put an extra piece of MDF on the floor next to her. Take an extra piece of wood (5 x 10 cm) and place it flush with the top of the modern console table and the piece of MDF.

Cut four pieces of wood (10 x 5 cm), two 25 cm long and two 198 cm long; they are the support beams of the table. Put the piece in a shorter length of smaller sides of the table top between the two legs. Drill two pilot holes in the legs and screw the piece of wood between them.

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Place a piece of wood 198 cm in length between the two pieces of wood that were fixed modern console table.

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