How To Build And Level Custom Pool Tables

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Dark Custom Pool Tables

Custom pool tables will look very good and beautiful in your own outdoor living area with pool concept, and you can build by yourself with the ease. Playing pool is a relaxing and recreational task, especially on a level table. Arm and leveling custom pool tables requires more than the manufacturer’s instruction manual.


  1. Weapon frame and table legs as instructed by the manufacturer. Place the table in place at this time and before adding the board and that the weight of the table increases.
  2. Place the board under the custom pool tables. Due to its weight, the slate is commonly packed in parts.
  3. Level the board by placing shims between the board and bow. Use shims to raise parts of the board and level them well with the rest of it.
  4. Ensures the board to the frame using screws slate. Use the screws that come with the table and place them in the holes that are ready for them on the board.
  5. Fill any cavity over the screws and connections between different pieces of slate to fill. Some tables include their own brand while others can use putty.
  6. Spread it in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions and hold it with staples to wooden support it.
  7. Secures the rails, pockets and trim to the table. Add the pocket and trim is usually the last step to finish assembling and leveling the custom pool tables.

custom pool tables

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