How To Apply Semi Transparent Deck Stain

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Semi Transparent Deck Stain Picture

Using a semi transparent deck stain will allow you to see the structure of the wood. Maintenance for this type of stain is also easy since it is not involved stripping and just reapplies the stain every two years. There are numerous methods for applying the stain, but using a roller will give you the best results with the least amount of clutter.

To apply semi transparent deck stain, prepare the surface of the bridge. Collect dirt and debris to find. Use a pressure washer if you have one or a brush and bucket of soapy water, if you do not. Be sure to wipe away any discoloration as superficial rust stains and ink. Let the deck dry.

Then, fill a pot rolling with the semi-transparent deck stain. Stir the stain with a pin or stick. Dip the roller and roll it back and forth. Apply the stain evenly to your deck use the roller. Decide where you want to start and finish in order avoiding overlapping of painting.

After that, trim the edges of the deck with a brush. Dip the brush in the pan and paint the edges of the platform. Finally, to apply semi transparent deck stain, apply a second coat of Stain Bridge.

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