How Deck Waterproofing An Outer

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Wood Deck Waterproofing

Wooden decks add value to a home and provide a focal point for entertaining outdoors. Deck waterproofing outside decks are made of treated wood is designed to withstand sun, rain and wind that can adversely affect end. Even the most durable wood, however, will last longer if treated with a waterproof sealant. Taking some simple steps now to deck waterproofing your outer cover will help keep it for many years to come.

Remove any deck furniture, plants and other loose items from the deck. Check equipment for loose nails or boards and repair. Apply cleaner cover to the deck waterproofing surface. Rub the cleanser on deck with a broom or large brush. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse the outside deck with a pressure washer or hose with a spray nozzle attachment. Cleaner wash the entire surface of the cover.

Wait at least two days after cleaning the cover of applying a waterproof sealer. Regular use of pressure, apply a waterproof sealant to the deck with applicator polo as a paint pad. Applying sealant longitudinally along the platform panels. This will ensure that the sealer soaks into the seams of the boards.

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