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Home Bar Designs Ideas

When a bar for a business or home is designed, the designer has a list that you can use for both projects. With home bar designs, many of the items on the list can be minimized or eliminated depending on the amount of space and budget. For commercial bar, there are regulations of the health department that you should consider. An example of this is a hand basin, which is a typical requirement for a bar of this type. In a home bar, there can be a sink or only one that is used to wash the glasses and hands.

Get a copy of the code requirements of the local health department and building department if you are designing a commercial bar. Design your bar graph paper. Determines the amount of space you dedicate to your home bar designs and measure the area. Draw the space scale, equivalent to 1 square foot graphic box. Each item you add to your drawing should be drawn to scale. You can use a separate paper to draw the articles individually added to the site (such as a bar) and then cuts the work piece drawing articles. This allows you to easily rearrange your bar to move small cuts down the page.

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