Hanging Contemporary Pendant Lights

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Unique Contemporary Pendant Lights

Contemporary pendant lights – It is best to place them on the dining table in the office kitchen. Depending on the effect you need and that matches the rest of the room, you will find led lights in a straight line, in waves or circular applied on a false ceiling so that you can see the ceiling on two levels elegant and modern. However, in the latter case, we recommend not to use it if the dining table is near, as it is ideal to find a single hanging lamp per room that can take the focus of all eyes.

If you choose to decorate with hanging contemporary pendant lights, do not hang them up high. It is a typical defect that is seen very often and does not usually fit well. Do not be afraid to lower the cable! If they go on a dining table, you can count between 150 and 160 cm from the floor and take that reference as the lower level of the lamp. If you put several in a free corner, let them hang to various sizes and leave the smaller one below the line of the eyes.

When you place several lamps in a row, it is very good to place them at different contemporary pendant lights height. But when they only go two, their thing is that they go to the same level. Avoid the temptation to place one a little lower than another to “energize”. It does not fit.

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