Fun Kids Shower Curtains

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Cute Kids Shower Curtains

Kids shower curtains – Since their invention at the end of the Victorian era, the shower curtain was still decorative over the years. Today, shower curtains are available in almost any style, cut, material and design imaginable. This abundance of options makes finding a shower curtain for kids of all ages easy. Many of the kid’s most beloved fictional characters are available printed on the plastic shower curtain through a number of distributors.

Dora, SpongeBob, Mickey and Tinkerbelle can now grace your kid’s bathroom for about $ 10 to $ 25 as of September 2010. Websites like Customizedshowercurtains. Com specializes in personalized, user-designed shower curtains. These kids shower curtains can feature text, cartoon image or unusual hand-drawn pictures. Only text shower curtains are relatively inexpensive and can include your kids name, the lyrics to a favorite song or a short story.

The prices range from $ 20 for simple monograms to $ 150 for large drawings. Heavy-duty washable PVC curtains, in either clear or white, are a creative solution for small kids when paired with soap crayons or bad paint. Kids can draw or paint these shower curtains with bath crayons or paint, which runs about $ 5 to $ 25 a set. These kids shower curtains are durable and tear resistant and cheap. Many chain stores carry them for $ 3 to $ 10.

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