Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets Vs. Semi Glossy Satin

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Wooden Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

It is very good to have nice an decorative free standing kitchen cabinets in your kitchen as the good storage system for kitchen in more attractive design.Homeowners looking to give their kitchens an improvement does not have to spend a lot of money; simple jobs as the finish of the free standing kitchen cabinets a new look without the cost of a professional contractor.


The term “finished” refers to paint the surface gloss after the paint dries of free standing kitchen cabinets. Satin finishes offer a slightly glossy finish and are similar to eggshell finishes; both are common due to its durability. The semi gloss, on the other hand, has a brighter glow that is much clearer than the glossy finishes.


When painting free standing kitchen cabinets, use a paint that is durable enough to withstand heavy use caused by oil, grease, fingerprints and even scratches and rust. Satin finishes are durable and highly durable for high traffic areas, but not maintained as well as the bright semi against fungi and mold. Therefore, semi bright often recommended for cabinets in high humidity environments such as kitchens.

Application and appearance

The satin and semi gloss paints are easy to apply in closets. Since the semi gloss amplify imperfections cabinets that are not properly sanded imperfections may show hide a satin finish. The semi gloss will also show more brush strokes or drips satin finishes.

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