Formal Living Room Ideas That Are Beyond Ordinary

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Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas Pictures

Formal living room ideas must suit with the needs, functions and styles of the homeowners. Since it is formal, of course the term must be bold and sleek, but comfortable, inviting and perfect for welcoming the important guests. For that, first idea can be so effective with modern style because the modern furniture are bold, sleek and clean which are indeed perfect for guests, you can play with leathered sofas which you combine with pedestal wooden living room with glass tops, then other modern furniture which are less in motifs and accents, you can simply play with neutral colored curtains to let many lights come in to your living room.

Formal Living Room Ideas That Are Totally Artistic and Musical

When you want to invite and welcome your guest, you can make a superb focal point in your living room with the second idea for formal living room that is indeed artistic and musical. You can display some prestigious artworks and great music instruments which will bring your living room to the next level. If you have much money and high interests in music, then this is a brilliant idea to show to your guests how you love music. A beautiful polished grand piano or a small vintage upright piano will be fine, or you can create a dramatic look with a beautiful harp displayed in the corner.

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Formal Living Room Design Ideas That Are Sophisticated

Then, the last idea is when you aim for a real sophisticated formal living room, you can play with lavish and fabulous styles for the all elements. You can choose the beautiful sofas and armchairs, then some ottomans with leopard or zebra accents, glass living room table plus other embellishments. After that, you can play with curtains; you can choose ruffled or pleated curtains which are more textural and lavish. Hang the Swarovski chandeliers with silver LED lights, beautiful table lamps and some mounted wall lamps.

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