Folding Dining Table Ideas

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Folding Up Dining Room Tables

Folding dining table will be the interesting part you should select and you add for small dining room space, where you can optimize its space usage. Several visits from our customers asking about folding dining table and convertible, has echo today to devote an entry further explaining this issue and as Mobles decor can provide the solution. Today many of the dining rooms are small in size and once we put the furniture, sofa and table with 4 chairs, we can only try to pass between them.

The first option lets you turn a hallway into a folding dining table ready for more than 10 diners. To do this you need a free wall about one meter because once we leave there closed by placing a picture or mirror to fill up the hall. Its multiple extensions allow us to expand or reduce the extent of the table according to our needs.

This second option is ideal if chaisselonge against the couch or have a space for the table, since it will be responsible, through a system of lifting and guides, to finally become a folding dining table. In the first picture we find the evolution model, a table and finished in natural oak veneer that can be varnished to match the room. Equipped with a hydraulic lift and 2 extendable we can use as much as lifting center table to eat from the sofa or dining table for 4, 6 or 8 people.

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