Fashionable Home With Leathered Granite

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Leathered Granite

Stone and specialty stores can give a weathered granite finish many different types of stones and surfaces, including granite. A leather finish gives a kind of granite appearance washed river, since some parts of granite seems like have been eroded by water naturally over a long period of time.  Leathered granite eliminates much of its luster, so stains and fingerprints less noticeable. You still want to clean your leather granite countertops, however. Fortunately, removing fingerprints is easier if done regularly.

Granite, including tanned granite is virtually scratch resistant, meaning that their bathrooms and kitchen counters look as good as new for years to come. While leathered granite changes its texture and color, not change its wear resistance.

How to installed leathered granite?

1 Spray surface of weathered granite with a cleaning product that is intended for granite.

2 Clean surfaces with a microfiber cloth. This type of fabric will help clean granite fingerprints without leaving behind any lint cloth.

3 Dry granite with second microfiber cloth must be clean and dry.

4 Clean granite countertops daily to increase life of stone.

5 weekly Polish granite with a polish meant for stone. Absorbance decrease polish granite, so it is more difficult to spots and stains.

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