Fascinating Tumbled Stone Backsplash

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Tumbled Stone Backsplash Style

Tumbled stone backsplash has an old look, created during processing of tiles. Once tiles are cut into appropriate forms, tiles are placed in a large machine that rotates and falls tiles. Tiles have chips, bumps, cracks and other imperfections that make tiles look old. Since no two equal pieces, tiles give an interesting look at a backsplash in your kitchen.

Purchase tumbled stone backsplash tiles to create a wall or a large picture when placed together. Linda Paul Studio creates designs that mimic famous places in world and old fashioned scenes, including a Tuscan arch, Italian garden, French cuisine and even a garden of olive trees. Flat tiles arranged on sides serve as a framework for wall, while decorative tiles are arranged in center and making picture

Another idea for tumbled stone backsplash is to use multiple tiles that make up picture and put shingles on all four sides as frame or border. If you cannot find such decorative tiles or tiles don’t fit your budget, make your own. Place first central tile, and paint in your favorite scene. Once paint dries, apply a sealer to protect design and add shingles around sides.

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