Famous Contemporary Painters

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Top Contemporary Painters

Contemporary painters – Some consumers think that the best is usually very expensive. If you create very expensive art people will think that is the best. Recently the owner of a gallery said that because he could not sell paintings of a young artist for $ 25,000 decided to raise its price to 100,000 dollars.

If someone is spending considerable amounts should be advised and not pay more than the market price although no one can predict what commercial value tomorrow. So make sure you get something you will want to contemplate every day. Generally, in the category of contemporary painters art since 1945, the average percentage growth is 12% per year, a figure that is fine, but not great either.

Some contemporary painters succeed because their work is genuinely innovative and stimulating. Others because they are led by agents and public relations experts just like movie stars. Years ago it was critics and curators who established the reputations of artists but today it is the powerful collectors who influence one another. That is why this list is partial and reflects the interest of a certain group of investors who do little for the quality of art and much for the pecuniary benefit itself and its represented.

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