Essential Unfinished Basement Ideas

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Unfinished Basement Playroom Ideas

You can always alter the look and function of your unfinished basement by just adopting the various unfinished basement ideas. Yet in adopting one of the various creative ideas in altering the look and function of the basement there are basic things that you should be done at first in purpose of ensuring the maximum result of the alteration process at the end.

Unfinished Basement Ideas: Dealing with Moisture

The very first thing to deal with when altering the basement is the moisture problem. When this problem is not taking care of at first your basement will be a disaster or a mess later on. Over moisture inside the basement could really put away the coziness that you are actually wanting it to be present inside the basement. Such thing could create awful smell as well contributing to an uncomfortable situation on the basement. A simple way to do it is just to buy a dehumidifier with just $200 of its cost. For a more serious problem you will need to get the better strategy of basement waterproofing system. The worst case scenario could take up to $2000 out of your pocket as well for a deeply serious problem.

Decorating Strategies of Basement Makeover

Once the moisture problem of your basement is taken care of then you can begin the actual decorating for a better looking and functioning basement. You can do a couple of easy things to spruce up the interior of your basement instantly. Adding area rugs is one of the ways. It is not expensive yet it has a huge effect inside the room. Leaving the pipes on the basement ceiling is okay as long as you are willing to paint the ceiling. Consider using bright color to add a visual accent of a larger space as well into the basement itself.

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