Elegant Window Treatments For Large Windows

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Window Treatments For Large Windows

If you’re so lucky to have a room with high ceilings and large windows with curtains decor to add drama to the decor. Full curtains that can be closed or only simple frame the large windows can be formal or casual, depending on the purpose room, your taste staff or budget dictates. Upgrade your window treatments for large windows with an original treatment, or even theatrical.

Generous bands of silk shades of jewels floating on the floor creates a point of focal high windows and are an elegant window treatments for large windows decoration for a room addition. This great style goes with formal furniture and is particularly suitable for spacious rooms. But even in a more modest space, a large curtain simple silk tied on one side of window treatments for large windows to show under one cover window shade single or transparent, can get a dramatic look. For borders, turns a piece of silk combine, or two contrasting colors rolled on a curtain rod and let the ends hang to complete the effect. The falling from the ceiling to the floor emphasizes the height of the room and can create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

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