Elegant Bar For The Home

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Wine Bar For The Home

Bar for the home could be a difficult area to decorate. A bar does not have to match decor of other rooms of your home but need a little style to make it more interesting than a wood-paneled bar old. To improve bar, give your own theme: a British sports or a martini lounge, or, for non-drinkers, a coffee bar. You can always add life to a room or a corner with some green. Hang small plants up through length of bar for the home, or have a small group of succulents in a corner. If bar has a top shelf, you can place potted plants, a collection of cactus plants or vines on it. Beware of false vegetation unless particularly realistic look. It may seem too formal or as decoration in some houses show.

Although you can choose any color scheme you want for bar for the home, use a modern or contemporary color finish look of your bar. When you choose colors, try combining neutral tones with a touch of vibrant color. Some schemes of colors that can work well in a home bar are greenish yellow, dark brown and tan; red, black, white and gray; blue, chocolate and cream; purple, gray and white; orange, red, white and black.

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