Egress Window Wells Covers

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Large Egress Window Wells

Egress window wells – are placed in front of the window openings below grade. Downhole water drains away from the window and prevents moisture from entering the basement.  Place a level on top of the hinge to even cover the window well. Mark where the screws cover the house with a felt tip marker is placed. Pre-drill the hole for each screw with a 1/8 inch. Apply a bead of caulk to the exterior side of the hinge that is attached to the house.

Place the hinged egress window wells cover in place and secure by installing screws through the hinge and into the hole in each place previously drilled. Tighten each screw securely with a drill fitted with a screwdriver tip. Center window well cover on the edge of the window too.

Select a location for the hardware and clip for each window to be installed. Usually there will be one or two for each side and two or three for the front. Keep the hardware for window clips in place on the spot marked for each clip. Align the top of the hardware clip the top of the window too. Make a mark through each screw hole with felt-tip marker. Align the window well cover the egress window wells. Mark the location of each clip at the top of the window too.

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