Easy Under Deck Drainage Ideas

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Wood Under Deck Drainage

A dry well is a large area that collects and stores water, spreading slowly in the soil. You can buy a prefabricated or create your own digging a hole, coating it with tar paper and filling it with crushed stone. Then you can put gutters and pipes to collect water and bring it to dry well. Under deck drainage systems under cover are an easy solution to water puddles under your deck. The idea is to create a sub layer under the cover inclined to collect water and bring to another area of your choice. Many companies make products for this.

The substrate under your roof will absorb as much water as you can, but when it is saturated, a pool is formed. Avoid this by placing bricks or pouring concrete under deck drainage. This area should lean away from home, allowing water to easily run on the rest of your patio.

French under deck drainage creates areas with slope to allow water to move easily from under the deck without the appearance utility of a slab of cement. It consists of a series of trenches and pipes sloped to direct water anywhere you go, and then covered by small rocks to allow better drainage in the system.

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