Easy Create Faux Brick Wall Panels

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White Faux Brick Wall Panels

There are plenty of techniques to create faux brick wall panels, vary from simple and quick to those with a little time and money. Whether you are creating imitation brick for your home, office, party or a play, key to credible brick is providing a combination of color and texture that viewers will instantly see how brick for material of original surface.

Most common way to create faux brick wall panels is to use a sponge to create texture bricklike in an existing wall that has been painted gray or some other color that represents mortar between bricks. Quickest way is to cut a household sponge shape and size of bricks you want, and then use it as a stamp to create each brick individually.

This is quick and easy, but less realistic way to create faux brick wall panels. For a little slower – but better-looking – technique, use masking tape to tape out its lines “mortar” between painted brick wall, then use same type of sponge to dab paint over tape for bricks. Mix three similar colors like deep red, rusty orange and a dark brown; it helps give bricks look more realistic. Rub all randomly with same sponge and mix by rubbing with a clean sponge.

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