DIY Wooden Wine Boxes

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Wooden wine boxes will be very good and interesting for your own kitchen to help you keeping the wine neatly and interestingly. Wooden wine boxes offer a stockpiling region to keep your collecting wine accumulation.


1.Measure the 8-foot length of wood into four equivalent segments, each one measuring 2-feet long. Mark it with the pencil and cut along that line and cut.

2.Drill gaps for the fastens the covering side of the sheets. Two of your four sheets will have two gaps on each one end to join that board to the next board that it is covering at the end.

3.Separate the sheets simply enough to apply a consistent dab of wood paste between the sheets where they touch. Press the sheets together solidly.

4.Place the sinks the predrilled gaps and tighten them into spot; you now have a wooden wine boxes.

5.Measure, check and cut the 6-foot cedar board into two 32-inch areas. Additionally, measure, check and cut a ¾-crawl long indent that is 4 5/8-inches profound amidst both segments. Mastermind these two pieces together so they bolt into a “X” shape. Place this “X” inside the container that you made and flip it upright.

6.Paint or stain the wooden wine boxes to your inclination or abandon it characteristic. Apply a polyurethane or varnish sealer if fancied.

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