DIY Simple Step Stool Chair

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Black And Polca Step Stool Chair

Make by yourself a unique stool for nice seating solution for any room, of course it is the great idea for having step stool chair. A step stool is an absolute necessity have in any home. On the off chance that you have some additional wood lying around and some spare time, you can make your own step stool chair.


Decide to either utilize power or hand instruments for cutting.

Cut a bit of ¾-creep by 8-inch by 14-inch wood for the highest point of the stool.

Begin cutting the wood for the legs utilizing a handsaw. Verify each one leg is ¾-crawl by 6 ¼-creep by 9-inch.

Utilize a compass to draw 4-inch semi-loops on each one leg. Cut a semi-round in each of the legs with an adapting saw.

Cut a bit of wood for the support for the middle. It needs to be ¾-creep by 3-inch by 11 ½-inch.

Sand any harsh edges on your bits of wood.turn the prop upside down and place it in a tight clamp.

Position one of the legs on one of the edges of the prop. Drill two pilot gaps where the support and leg meet. Utilize two screws to connect the leg to the support. Do likewise thing on the other side with the other leg.

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Place the top on to the prop and leg gathering. Drill two pilot gaps on each one side of the highest point of the stool where the top meets the leg and support gathering. Secure the highest point of the stool to the prop and legs with four screws.

Combine linseed oil and turpentine and bubble them. Brush this mixture on the stool to bring out the wood’s characteristic shade. Let the covering dry for no less than two days, and afterward include an acceptable veneer sealant on the off chance that you

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