DIY Homemade Rustic End Tables

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Pine Rustic End Tables

You can make yourself the rustic end tables, it will be easy by following these instructions.

1.Harsh cut two 30-inch areas of a birch tree trunk utilizing a bow saw.Trim off any extensions that don’t touch the level surface rustic end tables.

2.Set both of the storage compartment pieces on a level surface and measure and imprint 25 inches from the bottom of the storage compartment.

3.Drill pilot openings in three or four spots where the trunks and extensions meet.

4.Sand the highest point of the trunks so they are completely level with each other

4.Cut a round from birch plywood that is 22 inches in width.

5.Cut 75 bits of extension, every 1 inch in width and 2 inches in length rustic end tables.

6.Set the tabletop on the trucks; change until the top is steady. Follow the position of the trunks onto the base of the rustic end tables.

7.Uproot the tabletop and drill a pilot gap at the middle of each one stamping.

8.Spread a liberal measure of wood paste on the highest point of every trunk, supplant the rustic end tables, and affix the base with 2-inch drywall screws.

9.Fill the screw openings with wood filler and sand gently. Paint the rustic end tables in a cream shade to supplement the birch and seal with polyurethane.

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