Distinctive African Masks For Kids

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Diy African Masks For Kids

African masks for kids still made traditional way, a process that passes from generation to generation. According to African Renaissance, African masks made of various materials, such as leather, metal, fabric and various types of wood.

African masks for kids are designed to be used in three basic ways, often a factor in construction and design of mask. masks are used vertically on face. Masks crest on head rest, often with material that hangs down to cover wearer’s face. Helmet masks contain entire user’s head. mask is generally used as part of a complete outfit.

Human characteristics are normally evident in African masks. characteristics vary widely among cultures and regions but some recognizable human characteristics, male or female, are usually obvious. African art uses human capacity to symbolize life and death, and idea of ​​a spiritual being, says Africa cradle of site.

African artists get very import of balance and proportion, says Africa cradle of site. Realism is not necessarily essential to representation of a human or an animal, but a strong sense of this measurement is made using colors and balance in terms of scale. This sense of symmetry and balance can be clearly seen in most African masks for kids.

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