Deck Railing Height Minimum

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Popular Deck Railing Height

Bridging is a project of many homeowners decides to go it alone. It’s important to consider the requirements of the building code Connecticut when designing the structure. One particular area that is closely regulated is the deck railing height. This is to provide protection from falling off the bridge and possibly injuring a family member or guest.

The deck railing height is measured from the top of the panels of the floor to the top edge of the railing. If the decking of the bridge is more than 30 inches from the ground must have a railing. The height of this guard rail must not be less than 36 inches. And ‘wise to build a top rail if the platform is more than 6 feet above the ground.

The openings between each spindle in the guard must be less than 4 cm. There should be members of horizontal wood installed between the spindles on guard to prevent climbing.

Good practice to install a vertical support 4-by-4 every 4 meters to a guard. This support should be screwed to the wooden floor joists to provide rigidity for the posts. The support posts of deck railing height prevent the guard from not significant in a side impact.

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