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These days people offer the varies option of furniture including for your baby with crib with changing table that will be decorative and interesting in design in your nursery room.

My problem is that I live in an apartment of 50 m, as I do not have much space to put things, the arrival of a baby, soon to be born, they need so much, that if chair, car, crib with changing table. To make place has all that, I happened to make a cradle on top of a bed I already had in the room, removing the mattress he had, putting up the structure, changer, barrier and others.

Varnish the crib with changing table with a special paint for children, approved for babies that can suck and others without any risk of poisoning. The structure is moved, when the child grows is removed without any problem and just left the bed which was at first, with mattress, turning it into a bed.

Crib with changing table with changer position, some stickers, to make it more cheerful four detail and half the room available for the comfortable, the Crib, table, leaving room to pull the bed down if from some invited mini house. I hope I have explained clearly, you understand, I am very photo, I clarify better and see how things also. For me it made so much easier.

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To save space or free up flooring with sophistication, wall mount changing table is a nice addition. There are more to learn from different sites especially this source. Happy browsing!

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