Covered Deck Plans Design

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Traditional Covered Deck Plans Ideas

The construction of a deck can be performed following these instructions.

1 Plan the site

The first step is to plan and determine the location and the correct size for your covered deck plans.

2 Set Piers

Then you need to determine the number of floating foundation piles that are needed.

3 Set Base Plates

Once you have set the piers for the deck foundation, you need to install the baseboards or base plates to the deck. You need to use planks from two to six woods as their footers.

4 Floor Deck

You are now ready to create the deck floor. Using the type of wood of your choice, you can put the wooden planks in the opposite direction of the footers,

5 Cover Messages

Then you are ready to install the posts for the roof top deck. You must use 10 poles wooden foot for this.

6 Case support plates

Then you need to attach base plates for the positions for the cover deck. First, start by placing a two to six inch

7 Install cover plates

Now, you are ready to install the transverse plates that will covered deck plans you.

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