Cool Patio Door Window Treatments

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Vertical Blinds Patio Door Window Treatments

Patio doors get a lot of use, making owners hesitant about applying patio door window treatments. Concern over the mistreatment of tissues and mechanisms that often accompany a covered patio door are often guaranteed when pets and children are part of the environment of the house.  Design of patio door window treatments shoji screen window that slides through the patio door, providing privacy and sunlight filtering. Install a theme for shoji screen in the ceiling, parallel to the opening of the patio door.

Install patio door window treatments with a grommet or ringed type. Open the curtains in the morning to reveal the door. Removing closed at night to hide the door and create intimacy. Install a curtain rod for ease of use. Add a simple or retention clamp to keep the curtain fall closed during the day or to keep pets and children pulling a closed or get involved in them.  Stand style decorative arches and clerestory windows above the patio door to install curtains bar under them, keeping them exposed. Add a touch of drama in traditional settings by adding tassels on the bracket and using mohair, Damascus or other traditional drapery fabrics.

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