Converting Clawfoot Tub Shower Kit

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Simple Clawfoot Tub Shower Kit

You love that big, old clawfoot tub shower kit in the master bath; it is almost big enough to swim and cannot do without a bath occasionally. Recently, however, you have been waiting for a shower installed. It is not necessary to get rid of the bath to get what you want; do a little planning, finding a great help, and you can have the best of both worlds: Vintage bathtub and shower head raindrop.

Instructions to convert clawfoot tub shower kit: decide if you want the pipes hidden behind the wall or if you want them exposed. Find an excellent plumbing contractor to work. You will have to extend the plumbing of the bath taps to a point high enough to make a shower.

If you do the work yourself, buy a pre-made kit. You can find examples on the web by searching for “shower bath kit with legs” and follow all instructions to the letter to avoid leakage.

Select curtain rail. Most clawfoot tub shower kit include curtain rod surrounding the cockpit. If you are hiding the pipes in the wall, you need to obtain a separate lane that goes all the way around the tub. Choose the curtains and perfect accessories to create exactly the right atmosphere.

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