Contemporary Side Tables Design

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Wood Contemporary Side Tables

Contemporary side tables – Try making this side table using a few items you probably already have at home, create a new beautiful piece for your living room or bedroom. This recycling project gives your wire dumpster a new purpose, making it the perfect addition to any room.   Painted white or pale colors, this side table adds a touch of charm to any room and is also very practical. Use it as a base for stacking your favorite books, as a convenient place for fresh flowers or as a bedside table for your room.

Contemporary side tables make sure the trash can be shiny, clean any dirt that has accumulated using a multipurpose cloth and a drop of cream to remove dust. Then rinse it gently and dry it with a dish towel, so that it is ready.  Put paper or something to protect the surface, then paint the trash can with some bright color that complements the color of your home decor. Sometimes this process may require several layers, depending on the color you choose and the current color of the dump.

Choose a wooden board for the surface contemporary side tables. It could be a round cutting board, a circular piece of plywood or pallet. If it has no round edges, wipe it to ensure a smooth finish. Choose a matching color for the surface of your side table. A thick brush will give you a smooth finish (and it will be faster). Do this on a protected surface and let both parts dry overnight.

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