Contemporary Patio Furniture Ideas

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Wonderful Contemporary Patio Furniture

Contemporary patio furniture – Decorate your patio with the right contemporary patio furniture and materials are crucial if you want to add both style and function to your home. By designing the patio well, you will use more often the patio, enjoy your time on it, and also raise the value of your home. Some contemporary patio ideas follow.

Garden furniture made of wood or woven from grass looks natural and berries naturally. Teak is used on the boat deck, because it is so durable, and the wood has been the best choice for garden and contemporary patio furniture for years. If it is oiled annually, it will retain its honey color. But it shows a silver-gray teak wood when exposed to the weather. Both colors stand out among garden foliage. Shorea is a wood that stands up to the elements and nearly teak and it is much cheaper. Both woods are stylish in a minimalist or Japanese garden.

Rattan and wicker furniture is best for a classic English garden atmosphere. Old pieces, whether matched or right, can be picked up cheaply at garage sales or thrift stores. Store rattan and wicker over the winter to reduce wear. Take the contemporary patio furniture back out in the spring or summer to enjoy right along with your flowers.

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