Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

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Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas

Contemporary outdoor furniture – There are many styles and materials available when selecting outdoor furniture. Some may be more durable and last longer, while others may be easier to move or store over winter. Plan your outdoor living space may depend on how often you use it, or what kind of climate you live in.

Aluminum contemporary outdoor furniture is strong, durable and lightweight. It is available in many styles, from contemporary to traditional. Being lightweight makes it easy to move, organize or store. Aluminum furniture can be left outdoors all winter because aluminum does not rust or corrode. Aluminum patio furniture is usually very affordable.

Iron is a stronger and more durable material, but it is much heavier than aluminum. High quality wrought iron furniture will easily be up to 30 years. Iron is heavy enough that it will not blow away. One drawback with iron patio furniture is that there is a risk of rust. Wrought iron furniture is usually powder coated, and each chip or scratch in this case must be touched up immediately to prevent rust. Waxing furniture once or twice per season to protect the finish. It is not recommended to iron contemporary outdoor furniture left out all winter, which adds to the difficulty of having to store it indoors or in a shed.

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