Contemporary Lamp Shades In Creative Design

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Special Contemporary Lamp Shades

A contemporary lamp shades anyone? Discover creative ideas to oneself even create original and personal luminaries. There is something for all tastes and styles. Tired of seeing the same IKEA Chinese ball in all the rooms, you find your somewhat bland extra lights where you simply want to offer a renewal to your lights without breaking the bank? I offer a selection of lampshades do yourself playing with shapes, materials and colors. It’s guaranteed to find a style that will best suit your decor while adding your little personal and creative touch.

One option of contemporary lamp shades is lampshade made with metal pipes and steel wire is not so complicated if you have fiber-yourself and if you like again modern forms. Or Simple and creative try this DIY lampshade made of paper with thread. The mix of three lamps makes this much denser fixture. Play with two or three colors to make it really elegant. Atmosphere was friendly and warm with this design.

Other ideas of contemporary lamp shades, a simple and super efficient, you just need some thread, starch, glue and a balloon. The result is impeccable. The only regret is the quality of light that will remain a little gross. You choose the right bulb.

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