Contemporary Futon Ideas

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Contemporary Futon Black Sofa Bed

Contemporary futon – Futons are gaining popularity as an alternative to the two traditional sofas and beds. This multifunctional furniture, once intended as a cheap solution, temporary furniture, has become more of a direct competitor of sofas in recent years because of the use of higher quality materials. Futon sofa beds expand to full size and queen, and double sofa cushion as mattress. Futon sofas and easily open flat.

Futon is a Japanese word used to describe a thin mattress that can be hidden in a closet when not in use to save space. The western concept of a futon has been expanded to mean a combination of a mattress and frame, which together form a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Contemporary futon is comparable in function convertible sofa bed, also known as sofa beds.

Contemporary futon frames are made of metal or wood. To function as a sofa, futon mattresses are folded in three parts or width or half lengthwise, and then arranged in the frame. To form a bed frame and mattress are both mess. A sofa bed is indistinguishable in appearance from a traditional couch, but can be converted into a bed, in general, by folding down the back of the sofa.

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