Contemporary Dresser For Bathroom

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Black Contemporary Dresser For Bathroom

It is easy to transform outmoded and outdated bathroom vanities with a few simple tricks remodeling. Give your 20s, contemporary dresser and sophisticated use of color and accessories. Do not forget to change the bathroom hardware, accessories and lighting up the shower curtain to complete makeover of the bathroom. Remove the doors of the vanity and decide whether to replace them with more modern versions. Clean toilet with a sponge and warm water and soap. Thoroughly clean all debris, looking in small groups with a cotton swab spaces.

Lightly sand the vanity with a sanding block medium grain. Remove dust by wiping with a tack cloth. Remove all hardware on doors and drawers with a screwdriver. Paint the first base contemporary dresser with satin latex paint. Apply the paint with a mini-roller or brush. Let dry for four to six hours between coats and make two or three layers. Paint the contemporary dresser doors and drawers.

Do not forget to paint both sides of the doors. Coordinate with other bathroom accessories, including towel racks, toilet paper holders and shower curtain rings. Change the bathroom mirror with a new vanity to give updates, finished look. Use epoxy to fix permanently the mirror against the wall.

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