Contemporary Chaise Lounge Modern

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Contemporary Chaise Lounge For Living Room

Contemporary chaise lounge – Whether for decorating living rooms or home theaters a few years ago designers and architects are betting on the charm and comfort of chaises longe. This furniture – which originated in ancient Egypt and has been called a love seat and lounge chair – just invading the halls and integrating the sofas, which today consist of reclining or fixed seats that resemble a chaise longue.

So, after conquering space in contemporary decor, the chaises gained new shapes, sizes and materials, and stood out for maximum comfort when combined to sofas. In addition to very comfortable sofas with contemporary chaise lounge provide a visual stripped to the environment and favor the warmth of spaces.

While many people associate the image to a chaise longue couch having seats in which you can lean back and stretch your legs, this is a modern concept and, say, adapted. In fact, contemporary chaise lounge, also known as daybed or lounge chair works as an easy chair and in some cases as a lounge chair. Are back and usually a very elongated arm length that serves as support for the person, reclining, do not fall on his back? This elongated chair, the body is reclined and legs outstretched. It is usually upholstered for comfort.

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