Contemporary Bookshelves For Kids

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Small Contemporary Bookshelves

Contemporary Bookshelves – A slate wall rack is a base platform of the wall, a blackboard attached to the top. The platform provides two functions in the room: as a bookcase or ornaments and a blackboard to write notes and draw pictures. By using this type of platform in the bedroom, hang closer to the ground and make sure that your child can easily reach the top of the board. Store color chalk on a cup or bowl on top of the platform and keep an eraser nearby. If you can not find a platform like this, make your own.

Shaped for contemporary bookshelves have an unusual shape that fits well in a child’s room. Round shelves are an example. The shelves are made of different circles connected together and then attached to the wall. The shelves are closed, unlike traditional open shelves, which gives storing both the top and bottom of the platform.

Find contemporary bookshelves made of wood and carved in different letters that spell the name of his son. Or, spell the name of their favorite team, to fit a sports-themed room or spell other words related to the theme of the room. Shaped shelves add a decorative touch to the room.

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