Closet Systems Not Attached To The Wall

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Wooden Closet Systems

There are different options of closet systems coming into you to consider well based on your need and its look required so much. The secret to any well-organized closet is to have a variety of storage options for different types of clothing. Create your own closet systems that will not stick to mixing and matching wall hanging rails, drawers, shelves and other furniture found in the home and office.

Hanging space

Bars which hang the clothes are the pillars of any rack for closet systems. Hanging racks of clothes hanging rods are independent, usually on wheels and sometimes with a shelf at the base. You can double the hanging space for attaching an extra half bar unit. Use door hangers on hooks and rods to add to the top of the closet door for extra hanging space. Bring your wardrobe into your bedroom by purchasing a separate closet, which is a closed piece of furniture with doors and often have some shelves and hanging rods.


Hang multipurpose hangers for your clothes and bags to expand your storage clothes. The tiered racks hold three or more pairs of pants while racks of ties with several teeth hold several scarves and collars and ties for closet systems. Hang a plastic shoe bag with multiple pockets of your bar. The bags are usually large enough for a shoe, a scarf or a pair of socks.

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