Cleaning Tub Shower Doors

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Tub Shower Doors

If mildew stains and soap have taken over the tub shower doors glass, today is the day indicated to end this problem. We will tell you how to clean the glass door of the shower, remove and prevent mold and say goodbye to the limestone and soap stains. If mold raged in the bathroom, it is best to use a product that destroys it without affecting those who must use the shower. Tips for a free bath fungi are effective and simple spray with hydrogen peroxide and let it work a couple of minutes.

The best thing is to prevent fungus spray the tub shower doors with white vinegar immediately after showering. You can also wash it with a little bleach diluted in water. Also do it in the bathroom tiles.

Do not forget that ventilation is key to combat moisture and mold. Therefore, it is advisable to leave open the tub shower doors and bathroom ventilation windows for air flow shower dry, avoid moisture and the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. To remove hard water spots from glass partition, we can clean with lemons using a mixture of lemon juice with baking soda on the stains. Then rinse thoroughly with a brush and liquid detergent anti fat, carve and rinse again.

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