Clean An Old Steamer Trunk

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Vintage Steamer Trunk

There are different household you should have and adding very good steamer trunks will be the good idea to give you some uses. The relic steamer trunks purchased and restored today are regularly utilized as a part of inside home plan as a central piece or end table. With some straightforward cleaning and forethought, obsolescent steamer trunks can without much of a stretch return to life.


Raise the steamer trunk top and evacuate all twisted or peeling coating paper. Fill a gallon-sized pail with warm water. Painstakingly put the glass’ substance into a clean, exhaust splash jug.

Select improving paste toward oneself drawer, retire or wallpaper for the inside trunk lining. Apply each one bit of bond toward oneself paper to the relating segment inside the storage compartment’s inner part.

Reattach detached outer surface canvas with solid fabric cement. For severely harmed outer surface canvas, you will need to uproot the old canvas. Place the battered or harmed old canvas on top of the substitution canvas sheet, and cut the framework with scissors.

Scour any rusted outside fittings with a rust remover and a cotton cloth. A compelling steamer trunk constructed rust remover is vinegar. Shower the rusted fittings with white vinegar, and clean with a washrag. Splash the piece again with white vinegar and let sit for 30 minutes.

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