Build Your Own Wood Wine Rack

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Wood Wine Rack

Wood wine rack is great in look and decoration, they will be very nice in which will work well for decorative room, in which it can be used to store many things. Depending on the location of the bottle, we must add an anti-mold paint. It is used mainly for places where there is high humidity, because it prevents the wood from rotting. Will use to build wood wine rack, preferably square with rounded edges of our bottles of wine.

The first thing to do is to make cells with square shapes. A simple way of organizing space is to create a kind of ‘M’ five cells with 40 mm slats side: this means that if we cross three in one direction and two in another, get a depth of 200 mm which will lead to the most common wine bottles.

Proceed to make a hole at a distance from the ends equal to the sum of half the thickness of the slats and the scrap wood, we can use it to ornaments if we are especially skilled in the treatment of wood wine rack, above all, to paws.

Taken together, we use a threaded bar a little higher than the bottom of the bottle size. Use wood glue to bond the strips and bar. On the visible side wood wine rack washer and cap nut of the measure bar and the other side will stop with a nut we have to push hard.

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